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DC’s TV Superheroes are Dead To Me

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When Marvel’s Avengers assemble, they have a kick-ass team to support them: S.H.I.E.L.D.. But this organisation was in existence long before the superheroes teamed up – the billions of dollars involved in creating its global infrastructure had been pouring in from government (and evil Hydra) sources for decades.

But when a guy gets struck by lightening in his lab and becomes super-fast? Suddenly he has a team to help him who have equipment beyond the realms of a simple R&D company. Look at the array of monitors, displays, keyboards, panels, toggles and widgets they have in their shiny office.

I mean, look at them!


Rogue One … From A Certain Point Of View

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KLAXON KLAXON KLAXON goes the alarm in the collective geeks heads … OMFG THAT TRAILER! … AT-ATs and Gonk Droids and TIEs – oh my! … Curse my metal body, will it be any good?

Phht. Whatever. When it comes down to it, we’re entering a new phase of expanded universe.

The Songman


One of the funniest short stories I have ever read. Enjoy …

Ken and Dot's Allsorts

Once there was a man who wrote a song so powerful it came to life and moved into his house. He was proud of its success: it won awards and earned money which it shared with him. However, unfortunately it was very promiscuous and kept bringing home women. He would meet them in the kitchen in the morning, looking dazed and eating his cornflakes. He worried that his song was better in bed than he was, and also he felt grumpy at constantly running out of cornflakes. To make matters worse, the song resembled him physically and they were often confused with each other. The world was suddenly full of people convinced he had had deep, tender conversations with them. He took to hugging absolutely everyone he met in order not to risk offence. He could only wonder how the song coped when his own friends assumed it could talk…

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