Hi, I’m Stephen. Nice place you’ve got here.

I’ve had lots of blogs before, but none with a focus on writing. Until now.

As part of my mission to rekindle my creative spark, I’m going to be irregularly sharing my music / movie / TV / pop culture tastes here.


What. You want more?

Well, as I say on my About.me page: I’m a lover of pop culture, an odd gamut of music, and a good laugh.

Freelance marcom extraordinaire, I’ve worked as a copywriter / designer / tutor/ creative for over 20 years, after a life in the theatre made me realise you can’t live on chicken noodles.

Currently enjoying the sub-tropical climate of Brisbane with my wife, 2 cats and a dog. It’s a hard life.

I see the world from a different skew.

Tilt your head and enjoy it with me.


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    1. I feel terrible for not approving / replying for so long! I’ve had a busy couple of days, but will be back online tonight / tomorrow to post my response and link-back. Thanks for the nomination!

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