Andrew Duffield in his studio

He Hears Motion


Andrew Duffield - Ten happy fingers artHave you ever wondered how earworms are born? Songs like I Hear Motion, Barbados or even the theme from Round The Twist?

Lecturer in music composition, keyboardist with iconic bands Models & Absent Friends, and ARIA Hall of Fame inductee Andrew Duffield doesn’t have to wonder. He’s lived a life that has delved into every musical avenue that Australia has offered, from movie and television soundtracks to top 10 charting singles.

More than anyone, he knows that for every blockbuster hit there are experimental first steps, for every success there are countless attempts, and behind every closed door is a new opportunity.

Prince Musicology era

The Problem with Prince’s Legacy


By his sixth album he was the multi-talented prodigy of the modern music era. His ninth album all but assured his position as the Mozart of the 21st Century. But for the numerology-fixated Prince Rogers Nelson, it was unlucky album 13 where things became unstuck, and a curse struck him down. Within four years Prince went off the rails, off his major label, and off the charts.

David Bowie and the Fantastic Looking Mountain


The year was 1959 and a 12 year-old boy stood transfixed, mesmerised by the image before him. David Jones had been in this record store before, buying Bill Haley, Fats Domino and Elvis Presley, but this was different – the image of the “fantastic looking mountain or whatever that is” called to him.

The future David Bowie bought the Stravinsky album purely because of the photo of Uluru on the front cover, and thus began a life-long love affair with our great southern land.

The Songman


One of the funniest short stories I have ever read. Enjoy …

Ken and Dot's Allsorts

Once there was a man who wrote a song so powerful it came to life and moved into his house. He was proud of its success: it won awards and earned money which it shared with him. However, unfortunately it was very promiscuous and kept bringing home women. He would meet them in the kitchen in the morning, looking dazed and eating his cornflakes. He worried that his song was better in bed than he was, and also he felt grumpy at constantly running out of cornflakes. To make matters worse, the song resembled him physically and they were often confused with each other. The world was suddenly full of people convinced he had had deep, tender conversations with them. He took to hugging absolutely everyone he met in order not to risk offence. He could only wonder how the song coped when his own friends assumed it could talk…

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Musicians Are The Root Of All Tax-Dodging Evil

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I’ve been hot under the collar recently after learning Tony Abbott & the ATO think musicians earn a mozza.

Thankfully, this story exploded alongside the Bronwyn Bishop ChopperGate saga, so I got to enjoy my blood pressure really going to town.

Then Tonedeaf reported that the ATO were going to crack down on musicians (!)

After comedian Luke Ryan tweeted at the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to question the ‘Stephanie’ example, they provided Ryan with a link to a page of taxation statistics.

So, thank you ATO. Those figures are very interesting.

Did you know, in 2013, there were…

Top Tunes January 2015

Charts, Music

The first post I made on this blog was my Top 20 songs for the week ending 13 August 2013.

It’s been a while since I charted. Yes, I’ve been slack. But did I say I’d post them regularly? No. I did not.

The Basics in Lookin Over My Shoulder

The Basics in “Lookin’ Over My Shoulder … Part I”

LOL, Music

The Basics in Lookin Over My ShoulderTime to play silly buggers. Perhaps this should be like one of the classic “Choose Your Own Adventures”?

What should happen next to Wally, Tim & Kris?

Open The Basics in Lookin’ Over My Shoulder (Part I) – a rather silly PDF comic by me. It’s about 8mb for the first 4 pages. I’ll streamline it for the next chapter.

Top 20 Albums 2013

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Whoever bemoans the death of good music obviously doesn’t know where to look. There were easily 20 great albums in 2013 – here’s those that were on my high rotation (ranked by play counts)…

  1. Modern Pest – Spender

Top 20 Classic Songs w/e 23-08-13


Lara vs. the Savage PackThere’s always the warm goey goodness of the past to make you happy. That’s why I also have a Top 20 classics playlist. The current standings are …

Top 20 Singles w/e 23-08-13

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Spender - Never AgainI’ve been keeping a playlist (or written chart) of my top songs since I was a teenager. Here’s my current Top 20.

Yes, there are older songs here, but as I don’t listen to the radio, I discover songs at my own pace. I also will select my own favourite album track rather than go with a single if it grabs my fancy.

Spender’s Never Again has been sitting atop for a while now. From the Modern Pest ep. Utterly addictive.