It’s True – I’m Nothing But A Horrid, Crawling Toad


The cat’s out of the bag – I’m returning to tread the boards for the first time in (dear god) twenty years!

(double checks his old clippings – surely not – holy guacamole it IS twenty years – deep breath, deep breath)

The poor fools who have no idea what hell they have unleashed are the delightful folk at Villanova Players. Pray for them.

The play is Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind In The Willows – adapted by Alan Bennett. It’s got a couple of songs in it, but being Bennett it’s more of a wordfest. So yes, it’s a kids show. What a surprise you say.

It will run from 13 to 28 May, but it’s been split into two casts (so the kiddies don’t get worn out) and I’m in the “blue” cast. I wasn’t good enough to make it into the “gold” cast, and frankly I’m just glad they didn’t call it the “shit” cast, or the “crap” cast. You get my drift.

So the performances I’ll be in are …
Sat 13 May at 7:30pm (opening night – ooo la la!)
Sat 20 May at 7:30pm
Sun 21 May at 2:00pm (matinee)
Fri 26 May at 7:30pm
Sat 27 May at 7:30pm

You can go to the other performances, but just remember, they’re the GOLD quality cast. If you want to see the “brown” version, stick with me. Either way it’s $25 adults, $17 concession, $12 students.

Hmm, who what when where why. WHERE! It will be performed at F T Barrell Auditorium, Yeronga State High School, Corner of Villa Street and Oakwood Street, Yeronga Qld 4103.

Oh, and I’m playing Toad. Mr Toad, of Toad Hall. Mwaaaaaaaaa ha ha haaaaaaaa!

Book tickets or navel gaze at Villanova’s state-of-the-art website.

Twenty freaking years. WTF?

FYI – These delightful illustrations are by Chris Dunn – they are from a book he illustrated. For us, they are inspiration. Ours will look nothing like it. Case in point – his Toad is waaaaaaaay too thin.


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