Are you sick of lying politicians?


How do they getting away with saying one thing before an election, then rejecting any association after?

Brexit is a perfect example. The Leave campaign promised lower immigration (for the racists) and lower spending to the EU and more spending on health care. At the time they were promising, they knew they were lying. But they still did it.

I propose a way to stop their lies.

  • The AEC (Australian Electoral Commission*) sets up an independent “Fact Check” organisation.
  • Every statement or policy a party or politician makes is fact checked.
  • If it’s a lie, 1% of their vote will be removed once all primary votes are counted. This won’t be removed if they apologise or recant. A lie told once is still a lie – and they only tell them to sway opinion.
  • These votes won’t be redistributed. They’re gone. The cash that accompanies those votes will also be gone.

So in 2016, this would mean…

  • Labor’s “Medicare fright” would cut 1% off all candidates
  • Based on the last election, this would have cost them four seats (McEwen,Dobell, Paterson & Lingiari – all held by 0.9% or less).
  • It would also lose them over $2,000 (based on the rate of 262.784 cents per vote)

*Hey, I’m Australian. Obviously my concept is for Aussies. I’m sure you’ve got a similar body in your country.


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