Son Lux  / | \  You Don’t Know Me 4½★


There’s a tenderness to this song, both lyrically and structurally. Your predicament is that you yearn to reach out and comfort the singer of the song … or the song itself … but of course that’s impossible.

In the distance, Ryan Lott’s distraught voice pleads with you to open your eyes. To do something. Anything. Before it’s too late.

Son Lux began life as a solo project for Ryan, and recently became a trio when, in the process of taking his previous album Lanterns from the studio to a live environment, the triumvate of Ryan, Ian Chang and Rafiq Bhatia found that replication led to creation. Thus the band evolved, and the new album Bones was born.

This mind-bending video will help embed the song in your brain as an ear worm classic, and yes, if you watch Orphan Black you’ll get double the meaning.

Find Son Lux on:


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