Doctor Basil Who

Musing, TV

Whenever people say “where should I start with Doctor Who” I say: “well if you want classic, try Pyramids of Mars or Robots of Death”. Just good, simple 80’s fun.

But if you want modern, I usually went for Blink (scary), The Lodger (charming), or A Christmas Carol (heartbreaking).

In terms of best episodes for those who know about the Timelord, you can’t go past The Doctor’s Wife and The Day of the Doctor (both Matt Smith, but I love his interpretation).

However with Peter Capaldi’s The Zygon Invasion / The Zygon Inversion has cemented itself as the new starting point for both newcomers and old fans.

So much fun, scary bits, nods to the past (that newbies won’t get annoyed by), and a truly powerful message that should make kids think twice about conflict.

For the Moffatt haters, I ask you to watch this two-parter. The magic is back.

And who knew his first name was Basil?


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