Mad Max: Fury Road 5★


If you didn’t see it on the big screen, and you don’t have a home cinema, then install a home cinema OR convince your local cinema to put it back on. This is a BIG SCREEN MOVIE.

Mad Max: Fury Road runs for 2 hours. It felt like a heartbeat – except my hands were sore from being clenched into fists and I’d gone into lock-jaw after being exposed to such a ridiculously relentless action movie.

Was it a movie or a fever dream?

Whatever it was, if you haven’t seen it, just get it. There’s no point telling you the plot, it’s irrelevant. There’s no point discussing the actors, the special (actually quite real) effects, or the soundtrack (dear lord, the soundtrack – the movie IS the soundtrack) (don’t worry, you’ll understand when you see it).

Unless you hate action movies, this should be your must-see movie of 2015. After Star Wars VII of course (like I needed to write that).


Star System: Out of 5
5★ Instant classic. Stop reading, go see.
4★ Really good. Worth the money.
3★ Solid. Maybe some areas worth more attention. It’s OK.
2★ If I had the chance I wouldn’t have seen this. But I did, and somehow survived.
1★ OH, THE HUMANITY! Why? WHY‽ Why did they make this stinking pile of garbage? Avoid like plague.
If I can’t make up my mind I’ll slip in a ½★. Because I can.


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