Quickie Thursday [psuedo-AC/DC edition]


You don’t know me … YOU DON’T KNOW ME AT ALL!

Phew – got that alt-scream out of my system. Now here’s the music you’ve been yearning for…


1. Son Lux  / | \  You Don’t Know Me
There’s a tenderness to this song, both lyrically and structurally. You’re placed in a predicament: you yearn to reach out and comfort the song itself, but it’s impossible to hold. Beside you, but in the distance, Ryan’s voice pleads with you to open your eyes. To do something. Anything. Before it’s too late.

Son Lux entered my world osmotically four years ago after a surreptitious post in my Tumblr feed led me to Ryan Lott’s astonishing We Are Rising – an album created for NPR Music’s RPM Challenge.

If you, like Ryan insanely did, accept NPR’s Mission:Impossible, you have 28 days (the month of February) to write and record a full album. A … FULL … ALBUM.

More impressively, Ryan’s solo project went on to release a soundtrack album, another full-length album (the stunning Lanterns featuring the amazing Easy), and then a remix ep.

In the process of taking his solo music on the road, Ryan’s solo Son Lux became a band of three (commonly referred to by the illuminati as a “trio”) and the new album Bones was born.

Second single, You Don’t Know Me, was happily sitting amongst the album spins for me until Ryan unleashed this mind-bending video (if you watch Orphan Black you’ll get it), which proved that the song was an ear worm classic.


2. Steve Wright || Black Eyed Bruiser
Is that classic AC/DC? No, but it’s only a hair’s breadth away. Yes, it’s 40 years old, but I only heard it for the first time a few weeks ago so SHUT UP AND BANG YOUR HEAD!

Australian music owes an enormous fist-pump of gratitude to Alberts Music, as evidenced in the recent documentary Blood + Thunder (which missed a lot, but come on, it’s only two episodes long!). My addiction to the Alberts sound is cemented in the George Young / Harry Vanda songwriting / production partnership that began in The Easybeats and helped shape our music scene for over 50 years.

George has a couple of younger brothers who showed talent on the guitar, so while orchestrating the comeback of Easybeats lead singer Stevie Wright, he called upon their talents during the recording of his album. Malcolm (the middle brother) played guitar on the smash hit Evie, but the guitar you hear in Black Eyed Bruiser is from baby brother Angus. You recognise that sound don’t you? Raw. Raucous.

Within months the Vanda & Young team were working with AC/DC on High Voltage.


3. The Basics || Roundabout
Joyful, bubble-gum-popping exuberance captured in three catchy, hand-clapping minutes.

My inner-fan boy excitement is growing big time…

  • Less than five months until Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
  • Less than two months until Doctor Who series 9
  • Less than a month until the new album The Age of Entitlement by The Basics

A commitment to bare-bones rock’n’roll puts Kris, Tim & Wally in a special place: their music almost always sounds better live. I’ve heard this track live twice, and both times it made me want to dance till I could dance no more.

The Abbey Road recording – especially near the end of the track – captures the raw energy perfectly. Bring on the album.


4. My Own Pet Radio  ||  No Great Mystery

It’s no great mystery to me, this is a charming exploration of youth, perception, image and identity … all floating on a bed of sixties-inspired electronica.

Brisbane has pumped out some great bands recently, from the pure energy of Hey Geronimo to the slightly more experimental Ball Park Music. Sam Cromack, apart from being the heart of soul of BPM, loves dropping in on his mates in HG, and occasionally dips his solo oar in the water via MOPR (gotta love acronyms).

His earlier My Own Pet Radio work was spread across the stars – a dash on Triple J Unearthed – a tinkle on SoundCloud – but with No Great Mystery it appears Sam is taking the side project seriously. Good for him. Great track and something for him to think about while touring Europe (does he sleep?).


5. Paul Kelly  ||  Righteous Woman
Is it a tale of spite or hope? There’s a relentless attack in Kelly’s voice as he relates this sorry tale of a love abandoned and hidden shame.

One of only two tracks where he is the lead vocalist on the accomplished album Paul Kelly Presents the Merri Soul Sessions, this is a masterclass on why Paul is Australia’s greatest living singer songwriters.

The band play with a soulful passion, Vika and Linda’s sweet harmonies are both uplifting and tinged with sadness, and Paul Kelly is Paul Kelly. A beautiful song from a soulful album.

*Note: No, your eyes don’t deceive you. That’s Good Times, Sunshine by The Basics. Roundabout isn’t on Spotify yet. Once it is, I’ll fix it. Until then SHUT UP I’M SICK OF YOU JUDGING ME WAAAAA I’M SO UGLY WHY DOESN’T ANYONE LOVE ME I’LL NEVER FIND SOMEONE TO CALL ME THEIR ONE AND ONLY OH RIGHT SO YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS PROBLEMS SOB JUST LEAVE BRONWYN ALONE


3 thoughts on “Quickie Thursday [psuedo-AC/DC edition]

  1. You know, before going to see The Basics last year I hadn’t been to a gig or rock concert at all since AC/DC in (gulp) 2002. I must have a thing about Australians 🙂

    Great write-ups. For Roundabout, I keep envisioning a video made up of bits of all the various pieces of footage of the guys driving on their tours, intercut with them running away in horror from the Looking Over My Shoulder clip, probably the fairly recent publicity photo of Kris and Wally both yelling at Tim, maybe the sequence where Wally loses it in (Re)Living Off the Land, some puzzled/confused faces if I can find some, and photos of increasingly horrifying and complicated roundabouts. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately I have no prospect of producing this – I’ve never done any video editing at all.

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