Are You Missing Out On Facebook?


I’m constantly seeing posts on Facebook saying “people haven’t seen our posts because of the newsfeed algorithm”, so I have one simple question …

Whether you’re on FB to talk to friends, to follow your favourite bands / fashion / whatever … OR if you’re a band / fashion designer / business / whatever …

Do you feel you’re not seeing posts / not having your posts seen?

Please only choose one of the first six responses, and check the seventh item if you agree. Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Are You Missing Out On Facebook?

  1. Well, I ticked the ‘what’s a list?’ option, but I have now worked out what a list is in FB and how you get to it. They don’t make it very obvious though, do they?

  2. I’ve only just started to play with the list function, so it’s a bit early to say. My lists aren’t very effectively set up: I need to think about them a bit more. I’ve probably got beyond a ‘how to’ guide myself, as the problem I’m now facing is more what would be the most useful way of grouping my particular collection of FB friends. But a ‘how to’ would have been useful when I first saw your post and was wondering what lists were. Might be an act of benevolence if you have time?

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