Star Wars #1. Volume 3. Multiplied by 63.

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A long time ago in a comic book store not so far away …

To sell TWICE as many copies of “special edition” comics, the publishers would put out a variant cover.

If your company spent 4 billion dollars on acquiring a product, you’d want to figure out how to make your money back.

Disney, bless their cotton socks, owner of Marvel, Pixar and now LucasFilm will recoup their investment in Star Wars by …

  • Releasing a new trilogy
  • Releasing stand-alone one-off films in the off-years
  • Release a new animated show (Rebels – it’s pretty good actually)
  • Release new toys. Lots of new toys.
  • Bring the comic book licence back from Dark Horse

And here we are. 2015.

Star Wars Rebels is halfway through its first season.

It’s less than 12 months to Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens.

And in less than 12 hours, the first Marvel Star Wars comic of the new era will be released.

With a variant cover, of course.

Sorry, two variant covers. No?

Three? Four?

Don’t bother guessing. 63.


My favourite 12 are in this gallery. If you want the full list, head over to Bleeding Cool. They were insane enough to track them all down.

SPOILER: We’re only six years away from when Disney announces the next trilogy of trilogys, kicking off with Star Wars X: A Licence To Print Ca$h.


2 thoughts on “Star Wars #1. Volume 3. Multiplied by 63.

  1. 63 wow! thats just, my mind is blown I can no longer write coherently. Seriously though as long as they don’t reintroduce Jar Jar Binks I’ll be happy. Can’t wait to take my lad to see the next film.

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