Well, we know where we’re going …


When you’re born, your parents give you a name. The majority stick with it, but sometimes you need to move on.

Road to Nowhere is a funky little number by Talking Heads that is deceptive in it’s catchiness: it’s actually a song about death. I always loved the duality – a message about how we view mortality sugar-coated within a catchy pop tune.

That’s why it seemed a great name for a blog. The destination is the same for all of us, it’s how we get there and what we do with our lot that makes us different.

That was then. This is now. Time to move on.

I considered other song titles as I’m a music addict:

  • What You Need – a powerful piece of rock from INXS
  • I Hear Motion – stunningly hypnotic alt-rock from The Models
  • Learnalilgivinanlovin – a modern mantra for happy living by Gotye

But this blog was meant to help me reconnect with my creativity, so I needed to brainstorm.

Who am I and what is this blog’s purpose?

As a member of the “common people”  I hope to unveil hidden gems, kick up ideas, and stir conversations.

Bit long for a blog name, so after much word association, the inauspicious Rabble-Rousing was born.

My tagline? Rambunctious reviews, rants and ramblings.

From my recent posts, you should be able to see if I’ve got the description right. If you agree (or especially if you disagree), let me know.

Let’s raise some hell 🙂


12 thoughts on “Well, we know where we’re going …

  1. Road to Nowhere sounds a little depressing, even though the song really isn’t. Rabble-Rousing leads me to expect some mischievously extreme views. What are you feeling mischievously extreme about at the moment?

    I should do this. Our blog has got dreadfully intermittent and dull, apart from my poor husband suffering in his job. But then, our blog is partly just a way of updating our overseas family from time to time, so all the pictures of the kids do have a purpose, and I feel I need to suppress my urge to talk about Wally a lot for the sake of my dignity.

    1. Hi Dot – hmmmmmm, you know me, I’m always feeling mischievous. But you’re right – extreme? Perhaps not.
      Nutty yes. I’ll have to ponder ….

      And yes, you SHOULD be doing 101. You don’t have to talk just about Wally, you could talk about me. 🙂

      1. OK – I’m going to raise this with Wally next time I see him. I’ve got a number of double albums in my favourite collections. And yes, they’re RAD.

        Bloody grammy awards. Win one (or several) and all of a sudden double albums are passé.

  2. Stephen… I’m not just a follower – I’m a fan! Love the pic… love the energy… love the music references. I think your new title is great! I’d say it was amazing, but I gave that word up for 2015. Let’s just say it’s intriguing and fun! (Next year I’m giving up exclamation points) As a fellow music junkie, I’m looking forward to what comes next!

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