Here We Go Again


Every artist is a cannibal,
Every poet is a thief,
All kill their inspiration,
Then sing about their grief.

This blog will cease to exist the day I write as insightfully as Bono did in The Fly (above).

I started Road To Nowhere in 2013 to show my support to students in my Digital Journalism classes at QUT, but now that I find myself looking to stretch my creative skills, it will happily take on a new purpose.

Reviews (music, movies, tv, whatever I feel like actually), iPhoneography (should the snap-happy happen) and musings (if they should take my fancy) will appear.

And yes, for those playing at home, the inspiration for this post is U2’s uncompromising The Fly.

Gritty, uncomfortable and forthright: this was the first song off the band’s revolutionary Achtung Baby. A metamorphosis of the band’s sound and attitude, this album gave birth to Bono’s alter-ego Mr Mephisto, allowed everyone to see if Adam Clayton was Jewish, and unleashed a global tour that reimagined what a concert could and should be.

I accept U2’s motto from 1991 for my blog’s rebirth in 2015.

It’s time to reinvent and explore.


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