Big Hero Six 4★


Disney loves “teenager coming-of-age/I-don’t-need-a-buddy-oh-hold-on-yes-I-do” movies,and it’s a bonus when they do them well.

Heartwarming, action-packed … all the Hollywood schmaltz you expect … but done well.

Take a genius, orphaned teenager in a parallel-universe future, kick him when he’s down, add the cutest robot since Wall-E (sneaking in just before BB-8 becomes everyone’s new favourite), throw in a crazed masked villain, and you’ve got a fun outing for the whole family (more for the teenagers than littlies).

Great fun – but I doubt if I’d watch it again. But I would see a sequel 4★


Star System: Out of 5.
5★ Instant classic. Stop reading, go see.
4★ Really good. Worth the money.
3★ Solid. Maybe some areas worth more attention. It’s OK.
2★ If I had the chance I wouldn’t have seen this. But I did, and somehow survived.
1★ OH, THE HUMANITY! Why? WHY‽ Why did they make this stinking pile of garbage? Avoid like plague.
If I can’t make up my mind I’ll slip in a ½★. Because I can.


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