Paddington 4½★


Is Paddington the most gorgeous, adorable, wonderful kids movie in decades?
Shut-up. It’s rhetorical. Of course it is.

If you were brought up on Michael Bond’s charming Paddington Bear books (and if you weren’t, dive in immediately – you won’t regret it) (sorry, I digress) … if you were raised on Paddington then this movie will take you straight back to childhood.

Utterly adorable, true to the original illustrated stories, and utterly adorable.

There’s nothing more to be said, apart from “what a wonderful cast” and “is the guy who played Q really the voice of Paddington?” and “yes, yes he is”.Q-Bear

I’ve seen it twice. And will happily go again. Anybody? 4½★


Star System: Out of 5.
5★ Instant classic. Stop reading, go see.
4★ Really good. Worth the money.
3★ Solid. Maybe some areas worth more attention. It’s OK.
2★ If I had the chance I wouldn’t have seen this. But I did, and somehow survived.
1★ OH, THE HUMANITY! Why? WHY‽ Why did they make this stinking pile of garbage? Avoid like plague.
If I can’t make up my mind I’ll slip in a ½★. Because I can.


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