Top 50 Singles of 2013

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I’ve loved 2013. So many great tracks (a hell of a lot from Melbourne) … hope you find something new to enjoy!

1 So Hard For You (Barn Demo) – The Basics
It’s a DEMO and it’s amazing – so much raw power, wrenching vocals and shredding guitar. Written by Kris (DJ Chris) Schroeder about Wally De Backer’s (AKA Gotye) success after Hearts A Mess went huge, and how he would react to fame friends. Hypothetically of course. Listen to the angry lyrics and agree never to get on Kris’ bad side. Then just enjoy the song. Loudly.

You can get So Hard For You (wow that’s slutty) on The Basics fantastic Ingredients. Buy it and be happy. Soooooooooo many great songs.

Buy So Hard For You on iTunes 

2 Never Again – Spender
Tommy wrote the six songs on his EP Modern Pest over the past seven years or so, and it makes me angry that he hid them for this long. A love gone bad is always a great topic for a song, but this one takes the cake. His debut self-funded EP “Modern Pest” is out now. It’s my album of the year. Buy it.

Buy Modern Pest on iTunes

3 Do I Wanna Know? – Arctic Monkeys
Billy Squire’s The Stroke appears to be the heartbeat of this tale of unrequited love heartbreak for a drunken early morning introspective. Freaking genius video too!

Buy AM on iTunes

4 Quasimodo’s Dream – Gotye and Perfect Tripod
One of my favourite songs of the 80’s experiences the same metamorphoses that the original band (The Reels) did to Bad Moon Rising. What was once poppy is now moody, and all the better for it. Tripod are one of the world’s most underrated acts. Their harmonies and melodies are overlooked because they’re comedians. Eddie Perfect is also overlooked – again because he’s a comedian. Ain’t nothing funny about this track, with aching performances from all involved. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Get this great song & support Australian Live Music via Pledge Music

5 Reckless – Kathryn Rollins
Another beautiful song, highly charged with emotion, it’s also got a smokey, seductive quality to it. From her debut EP, I expect we’ll be hearing a lot from this WA songstress in the future.

Get the Reckless EP on iTunes 

6 The Lake – Offcutts
Yes, this is an old song, but I’ve only just discovered it. I loved Diamond Bike when Offcutts released that beauty, but should’ve looked further. This is a haunting song with rather disturbing lyrics. Brilliant video clip. Oh, and yes, the singer is Tommy Spender. I’ve become a bit of a fan.

Buy The Lake on iTunes

7 The Dan Kelly Song – Hey Geronimo
Such Fun! These boys sure know how to make an earworm … and get a party started. They’re as addictive as crystal meth, so be very cautious before you listen.

NO VIDEO? Shame HG, Shame!

Buy Hey Geronimo on iTunes
Or Bandcamp

8 Strange Condition – Empra

The stunning video helped this song get into my head. There’s more finesse in this compared to their earlier work, but while it’s less raw, the polish allows the falsetto vocals to shine.

Buy Strange Condition on iTunes

9 Where Are We Now? – David Bowie

10 years of secret recordings, and this track was dropped on his birthday. Well played, you bloody legend, well played. The album is one of his best, and this trip down memory lane winds through a Germany coming to grips with it’s identity – and perhaps Bowie trying to find his too. Shame about the testicles, but what a song!

Help David buy a new yacht

10 History Eraser – Courtney Barnett
I’m a late starter for Courtney Barnett – the Bob Dylan of urban Melbourne. Grimey incidents make for terrific lyrics. Courtney also shares the distinction (alongside Tenacious D) of having composed and subsequently forgotten the best song ever written.

Buy Courtney’s music direct from her Bandcamp
Or get it from iTunes

They didn’t make my Top 10, but the next 40 are all great tracks too!

11 Fire Me Up – Katy Steele
12 Surrender – Ball Park Music
13 Rattle My Chain – The Basics
14 Battleships – Bernard Fanning
15 The Blueprint – Tripod
16 Get Some Sleep – HOY
17 Love Like This – Kodaline
18 On Your Side – New Gods
19 Heaven – Depeche Mode
20 Thirst – City and Colour
21 The Devil Wears A Suit – Kate Miller-Heidke
22 Illusory Light – Sarah Blasko
23 Love Like This – All The Colours
24 Southern Sun – Boy & Bear
25 Rock Of Ages – DJ Schmolli (Led Zeppelin vs. Rolling Stones vs. Run-DMC vs. Kid Rock vs. Chemical Bros. Twisted Sisters vs. Dio vs. AC/DC)
26 Holiday – Adam Dunning & Tash Parker
27 Hotel Home (feat. Gotye) – Spender
28 Back To The 80’s – ElectroSound (Huey Lewis vs. INXS vs. Lipps Inc. vs. Ray Parker Jr. vs The B-52s)
29 Hey Rain (Live At the Chapel) – The Basics
30 Royals – Lorde
31 The Truth About Love – Pink
32 Sleep At Night – Louis Spoils
33 Let the Day Begin – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
34 Lazer Gun Show – Hey Geronimo
35 Awkward – San Cisco
36 Second To None – All The Colours
37 On The Run – Colour Bomb
38 Human On The Inside – Divinyls
39 You’ve Got Something – The Jungle Giants
40 Save My Soul (Main Title Theme the Men Who Built America) – Blues Saraceno
41 We No Who ‘U ‘R – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
42 Courage – Peter Gabriel
43 Beautiful Parade – Colour Bomb
44 He Was Really Sayin’ Anarchy – Chocomang (Sex Pistols vs. The Velvettes)
45 You’re Not A Woman At All – Kris Schroeder
46 Shouting in the Evening – Pet Shop Boys
47 Round And Round – Super Best Friends
48 Failed Olympic Bid – Future Of The Left
49 Take Me – RÜFÜS
50 Stella – Telling


One thought on “Top 50 Singles of 2013

  1. Hooray! This list is going to be a useful additional tool in my summer of Australian music, to build on my strategy so far of hunting down everything and everybody Wally De Backer has written/ sung in/ collaborated with / posted on Facebook / randomly mentioned. Though I notice several of the things I found that way are already in the list.

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