Top 20 Albums 2013

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Whoever bemoans the death of good music obviously doesn’t know where to look. There were easily 20 great albums in 2013 – here’s those that were on my high rotation (ranked by play counts)…

  1. Modern Pest – Spender

    Six sublime tracks from an immensely gifted singer / songwriter / producer. You can hear elements of David Byrne, Prince, Elvis Costello, even slight touches of hip hop. Easily the album of the year.

  2. The Next Day – David Bowie

    A haunting, uplifting, raucous outburst from the Thin White Duke. 10 years in the making, easily one of his best.
  3. Wise Up Ghost – Elvis Costello & The Roots

    You wouldn’t think these two artistic forces should meet – but this collaboration is a perfect example of where the sum of the whole is more than the parts alone.
  4. AM – Arctic Monkeys

    From the introductory Stroke-style stomp of Do I Wanna Know?, the Arctic Monkeys take you into the dingy dank early morning depravity of a wasted party existence. The album they were destined to make.
  5. Electric – Pet Shop Boys
    Less than a year after their Behaviouresque Elysium, PSB split with their original label, created their own, then took a left-turn into robotic electronica. Hints of their 90’s experiment Relentless can be heard, but Electric is an example of a classic band continuing to find their mojo.
  6. Ingredients – The Basics
    Not a greatest hits, but a perfect sampler of Australia’s most underrated band. A power-trio who can rock the house (So Hard For You), honour their heroes (Hey C’Mon), or touch the heart-strings (Hey Rain). Buy it, then go watch them live.
  7. Delta Machine – Depeche Mode
  8. Push the Sky Away – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  9. I Awake – Sarah Blasko
  10. The Moment – Mia Dyson
  11. Underworld – Divinyls
    No, not a 2013 album, but only discovered by me after the sad loss of the irrepressible Chrissie Amphlett
  12. Leftovers – The Basics
  13. Elysium – Pet Shop Boys
  14. The 2nd Law – Muse
  15. Heavenly Sounds Live – Kate Miller-Heidke
    Pledge a mere $10 and not only do you get Kate’s next album O Vertigo, but this bonus pearl!
  16. Uncovered – Various Artists (Mojo Compilation: R&B classics that influenced the Rolling Stones)
  17. Awkward – San Cisco
  18. Departures – Bernard Fanning
  19. Spring And Fall – Paul Kelly
  20. An Awesome Wave – Alt-J (∆)

Honourable Mentions:

Love Has Come For You – Steve Martin & Edie Brickell

Mr Machine – The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble

Louis Spoils – Louis Spoils


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