Top 20 Singles w/e 23-08-13

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Spender - Never AgainI’ve been keeping a playlist (or written chart) of my top songs since I was a teenager. Here’s my current Top 20.

Yes, there are older songs here, but as I don’t listen to the radio, I discover songs at my own pace. I also will select my own favourite album track rather than go with a single if it grabs my fancy.

Spender’s Never Again has been sitting atop for a while now. From the Modern Pest ep. Utterly addictive.

1 Never Again Spender
2 So Hard For You The Basics
3 Reckless Kathryn Rollins
4 History Eraser Courtney Barnett
5 Round And Round Super Best Friends
6 The Truth About Love Pink
7 Do I Wanna Know? Arctic Monkeys
8 The Lake Offcutts
9 Love Like This Kodaline
10 Love Like This All The Colours
11 Lazer Gun Show Hey Geronimo
12 On The Run Colour Bomb
13 Quasimodo’s Dream Gotye and Perfect Tripod
14 The Blueprint Tripod
15 The Dan Kelly Song Hey Geronimo
16 Chair Big Deal
17 Sleep At Night Louis Spoils
18 This Disorder The Features
19 Thirst City and Colour
20 Rock Of Ages DJ Schmoli (Led Zeppelin vs. Rolling Stones vs. Run-DMC vs. Kid Rock vs. Chemical Bros. Twisted Sisters vs. Dio vs. AC/DC)

Links are to a video where available … but would you prefer a link to Soundcloud / Bandcamp / iTunes instead?

Or no links. I’m fine with that. Less work for me 🙂


3 thoughts on “Top 20 Singles w/e 23-08-13

  1. I’m an albums listener on the whole. This week I’m listening to Clubfeet, “Heirs and Graces”, and Sia, “1000 Forms of Fear” (her style isn’t normally my cup of tea at all and it feels a bit like gorging on chocolate cake or something, all huge choruses and standard pop sounds, but she certainly writes a catchy tune). But I do also keep feeling compelled to listen to Hudson & Troop’s “Frameless”. I love the way all the layers build up, and the way the music works with the lyric. Thanks for your list – will investigate.

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