Top 20 Classic Songs w/e 23-08-13


Lara vs. the Savage PackThere’s always the warm goey goodness of the past to make you happy. That’s why I also have a Top 20 classics playlist. The current standings are …


Top 20 Albums w/e 23-08-13

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modern pestSecond of three charts for this week. Don’t expect them to be updated too regularly …

Top 20 Singles w/e 23-08-13

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Spender - Never AgainI’ve been keeping a playlist (or written chart) of my top songs since I was a teenager. Here’s my current Top 20.

Yes, there are older songs here, but as I don’t listen to the radio, I discover songs at my own pace. I also will select my own favourite album track rather than go with a single if it grabs my fancy.

Spender’s Never Again has been sitting atop for a while now. From the Modern Pest ep. Utterly addictive.

Preferred PM


Deport Rudd Abbott to the moonI’m sick of hearing about who the mainstream media are telling us who we prefer as our Prime Minister. They only allow a choice between two bad options.

So here’s my scientific poll to end the discussion once and for all.

Please vote early and vote often.